DWGism (dwgism) wrote,

15 Seconds of Fame

I was quoted in the Observer (the Sunday edition of the Guardian), in two different versions(?!) of the same article, here and here. I like the first better because it preserves my line "I feel more under threat of violence than for years due to the 'jihad' waged against us by the government.", the second version, presumably the one in the print edition, had the last half chopped off :(

Unfortunately the journalist made a complete hash of explaining disability benefits, when confusing people about them is a big part of the government strategy the article is attacking - d'oh!

Disability Living Allowance - covers extra costs of disability whether in work, out of work, or still a child. Not an out-of-work benefit, despite what the Observer says, that's precisely the confusion the government are trying to create as people then see someone working and getting benefit and presume they're a fraud. The government policy also taps into the widespread jealousy over the Motability scheme, which is linked with DLA and widely misunderstood to consist of the government giving free cars to disabled people, whereas at a minimum they're paying £40+/week. I don't get this - though I've had close colleagues assume my car was free - I wish!

Incapacity Benefit - the old benefit for people unable to work due to disability, closed to new applicants in 2008. The government are busy mis-managing the migration of IB recipients to its replacement. I don't get this either.

Employment and Support Allowance - the new benefit for people unable to work due to disability, with much harsher acceptance criteria -- the widely hated WCA. I do get this, but it's the only one the Observer didn't mention at all!

Being targeted for discrimination by your own government is a hell of a way to get your 15 seconds of fame!
Tags: disablism, observer

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