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DWGism [userpic]


April 4th, 2017 (10:29 pm)

current location: Watching the Cyberspace Curtain being raised
current mood: annoyed

I haven't been directly active on Livejournal for a good while (I abandoned LJ for blogger/blogspot several years before starting my DW account), but as of a while ago it is set up to echo my posts here. Given the new LJ ToS, I've finally gotten around to importing my old, pre-DW, LJ postings. That seems to be in progress right now. I haven't decided yet whether I'll delete the LJ account, or stop the cross-posting, but I don't anticipate logging onto LJ directly in future. Not that I did that much, seeing as pretty much everyone I follow is on DW now.

Mostly on Dreamwidth nowadays. You can reply on the DW post at http://davidgillon.dreamwidth.org/114060.html using OpenID. LJ commenting is on, but may not be checked regularly.