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DWGism [userpic]

Atos, a new low

March 3rd, 2017 (08:27 pm)

current location: Atos? Again?
current mood: angry

I really didn't think Atos's record on assessments could get worse, but they've found a way to dig themselves to even lower standards of behaviour.
Someone tweeted she was asked during her PIP assessment "Can you tell me why you haven't you killed yourself yet?" At least thirty more people with MH issues have come forward to say they've been asked the same. Mostly by Atos assessors, but least one by a Capita assessor.

PIP investigation: 'Horrific' suicide question sparks fresh assessment inquiry calls

Atos's 'we can't be arsed to look into it unless you make a fuss' response is pretty special as well, though Capita's refusal to agree it's dangerous and unprofessional is even more worrying.

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